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Advanced Language Education

Online platform for learning foreign languages with and without teacher


Assessments, courses, quizzes all in one online platform for studying foreign languages.

Andreea Berkhout is the founder of Advanced English Education, an academy that helps medical professionals who plan to practice abroad to tackle their two major challenges. Firstly, they need to provide international English certifications such as IELTS Academic and OET. Secondly, working in an English-speaking country requires strong medical vocabulary.


Know the client

Understand the concept of teaching online foreign languages. Integrating in one-platform video conference courses, e-learning courses, quizzed, assessments, online shop and timetable for the students.


Improve the old website

We choose to develop on a WordPress platform because the online shop was a reduce number of products. We integrated all the above-mentioned functionalities with some custom widgets that we made and we integrated a payment method. We also worked to the website security in order to have the best experience for the costumers.

Andreea Berkhout english courses

Development of e-learning platform

The process of developing of the e-learning process was a both side work. At that time, Andreea Berkhout had only the online courses and no integrated solution.

  • Step 01
  • Step 02
  • Step 03
  • Step 04

Step1: Website transformation

We saved some information from the old website. We started to design the new one. We designed the structure, together the text, the images. We integrated the custom assessment widget, the timetable for students.

Step2: E-learing and shop

After the new website hat a shape, we started to work on the online shop and the online courses without teacher. We created the courses, the products, the quizzes, custom invoices, all the rules to comply with the GDPR.

Step3: Integrated marketing

After the online platform was finished, we integrated it with all the social media channels. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. We started online campaigns on that platforms and promotion through Google Adwords.

Step4: Further development

At a later stage, at the customer request, we developed and automatic email reminder for the students who acquired online courses and are in the situation that in only one week the subscription is about to expire.


In the first year, the new e-learning platform towards the old website generated an increase in revenue of 52%. In the second year due to some updates and by integrating new features and courses, the revenue increased with 76% compared to the first year.