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Simona Ungurean

Interior design presentation website

Website Development

Interior design, commercial design, before and after, all types of portfolios for presentation.

The website that we created was with the purpose the present the work of an interior and commercial designer. We created all types of categories in order to arrange them by types of rooms or by private or commercial. We also emphasize the before and after looking of the interior.


Simple design hard to implement

For the design, we worked in collaboration with another local company, that did the creation and we implemented the vision. As simple and as clear it looks, as hard it was to implement it, in order to align all pixel by pixel.


WordPress builder

In order to implement the design and all the features we decided to install Divi builder, a WordPress builder created by Elegant Themes. In order to all work properly we added 250+ rows of custom CSS.

Simona Ungurean

Development of presentation website

The process of developing of the presentation website was a three party process. The website designer, the implementation team and the customer, who is also a designer, an artist. And we all know that is hard to satisfy the requirements of an artist.

  • Step 01
  • Step 02
  • Step 03
  • Step 04

Step1: Receiving the design

We received the design step by step, first the main pages and then the interior pages. At a firs view we were very happy because it looked as an easy project.

Step2: Implementing the design

In order to implement the design and all the features we were in the position to add more than 250 custom CSS. Now we can say it is not just a simple WordPress website.

Step3: Reshaping

Because three parties were involved in the creation of the website and at least two of them were designers / artists, the design had different shapes that we updated permanently.

Step4: Put it on the map

We did all the technical SEO on site: crawl analysis, robots.txt, mobile performance, image optimization, internal link structure, site architecture, Page speed, XML sitemap.


For this project we would like to let the website speak for us!